Introducing the WindBender

A new, self-deploying, aerodynamic trailer boat tail technology that improves mileage and pays for itself in less than 30,000 trailer highway miles.

Installation Time

Fuel Savings

Estimated Cost

Payback Period
Wind Bender
  • Durable, cost effective and easy to install and remove.
  • Manufactured from durable PVC vinyl fabric and fiberglass rods for rigidity.
  • Less complex than competitive trailer boat tails – nearly zero impact on trailer maintenance and driver/dock operation.
  • Self-deploying at speed and reduces drag at rear of trailer.
  • Self-retracting and self-storing when not in use – as a sail with no wind, fitting easily behind open trailer door.

The WindBender Advantage

Aerodynamics offers the biggest fuel cost savings potential in the motor freight industry. We studied the industry in depth and determined that any solution found for the rear of the trailer must meet three prime directives: Practical, Durable, and Cost Effective.

Virtually Transparent to Operation of the Truck and Loading Dock

Our prototypes have proven that there is no interaction required by the driver or loading dock personnel. AND, we don’t need complicated electromechanical sensors and switches to deploy the device. Our technology uses the ‘problem’ (the wind) to serve as the ‘solution’, in that at speed the wind causes the unit to deploy unassisted.

When operating the swing doors, the person never touches the aero device. No extra steps, not even any extra strength or effort, it truly is ‘transparent’ to the operation of the truck and loading dock.

Minimal Maintenance – Install & Forget

Early prototypes were installed by 3rd party trailer maintenance personnel in less than 45 minutes. We expect installation times to be less than 30 minutes.

Our device is made of high durability woven vinyl fabric and flexible supports, it bends but doesn’t break. There are no electronics, motors or solenoids to break or need maintenance. Our device truly has a near zero impact to the maintenance department.

Less than 12 Month Payback

With 3rd party SAE J1321 tests performed on prototypes run at Auburn University with promising results, we are confident our technology should meet EPA’s SmartWay certification of 5% fuel savings and more.

Our devices are very inexpensive to manufacture. Two independent estimates of the cost to produce ran on the order of $350. It is imperative that companies don’t have expensive aero equipment sitting idle, and with our low cost and high fuel savings, it can easily payback in 4-6 months.

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With a US Utility Patent awarded in 2014 and promising early testing results, Big Rig Innovations is actively seeking WindBender licensee partners. Use the form below to get in-touch.





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